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Chemical intermediate
Cosmetic auxiliary agents
Water treatment chemicals
Printing & dyeing auxiliary agents
Papermaking chemicals
Oil field chemicals
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Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that is engaged in researching, manufacturing, and trading of Chemical intermediates, cosmetic auxiliary agents, oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals, paper-making chemicals, antiseptic agents, and auxiliary agents for dyeing. It was formerly the Hangzhou Branch of Beijing Oil Field Chemical Company, a company which is under the China Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd. Approved as a high-tech company by the Scientific Bureau of Zhejiang Province in 1995, Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical has developed many new products and won various scientific and technologic rewards from the government.......

Mobile:+86 138 1910 4146
Email:yinhuchem@yinhuchem.com Add:Floor 12 , Unit 1, Building 2,Zhongrong Chengshi Garden , 224# Tianmu shan road ,hangzhou ,zhejiang , china
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